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close your eyes and listen...


Close your eyes and listen. Listen to your heart and the hypnotic sounds of Ukrainian DJ, producer and handpan player, Kate Zubōk. Now based in Paris Kate finds herself becoming an integral name amongst the prolific Parisian scene and beyond, spreading her positivity and wholesome outlook on not just music, but life in general. Music is about sharing, and sharing music from the heart, to open the hearts of others is exactly what Zubōk strives to achieve. As her musical quest continues to develop you can expect further innovative productions, and mystical performances within the booth, exchanging her eccentric energy with the dance floor, urging your mind to open to new realms and possibilities.

Her powerful yet melodic and organic tribalesque explorations have seen her join some of the most acclaimed names on the world stage such as Rampa, &Me, Solomun, Ame, Marcus Worgul, Agoria,
Adriatique, Adana Twins, Bedouin, Behrouz, Black Coffee, Birds of Mind, Blondish, Francesca Lombardo, WhoMadeWho, Jamie Jones and other household names, and in a similar vein this has seen her land at stellar locations on a global scale, Rio, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Milan, Ibiza, Dubai, St. Tropez, Paris and several stateside cities along her colourful journey thus far. In terms of festivals Kate’s enchanting sound saw her play on the opening night of Robin Heart’s Burning Man stage, and other overseas festivals such
as Wonderfruit and Epizode.

This tale of love between artist and music did not happen overnight, Kate has always found herself immersed in this sector of life in one way or another, songwriting began early on with a desire to learn instruments and yearn to sing, all the way until recently where she studied at SAE Institute, which then led to her acclaimed debut release, “Own Story” on Sapiens. The burning urge to create and share is always there for Zubōk, and all of this knowledge will continue to come into fruition in the years ahead. Music is an expression of feelings, and every single is a story, an emotion or a state.

If you are lucky enough to catch Kate in the coming period, you will begin to understand and feel the positive energy she radiates, and injects into her sets and audience simultaneously. A lifelong dedication to enriching music from the soul, for the soul, is a rarity in modern times, so embrace it and enjoy the ride.

We are one, we are energy.

As Everyone has his Own Story… and Mine is…

I’m opening up and introducing You to my “INNER WORLD”,
Therefore I’ll share with You a “BUBBLE GUM”
And in the end I’m gonna be weird -  talking in Russian and wondering “IS IT WORTH IT? / “STOIT LI?”



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Opening for Solomun @ Hangar Y, Paris

Opening for Black Coffee @ Hangar Y, Paris

Interview for Modern Madonnas

Interview on France24

AUM - Halloween party @ Pompidou, Paris

Opening for Solomun @ La Clariere,Paris



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