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close your eyes and listen...

KATE ZUBOK is an Ukrainian Paris based Dj, Handpan Player and Music Producer.

Her main purpose is to transmit the positive, electric energy and vibrations, to warm and open people's hearts, by expressing the deepest emotions through the Music.
Kate’s style is in between spacey-futuristic and organically-tribal sounds, accompanied by flying chords, groovy arpeggios and, of course, deep sexy bass and vocals.


Kate has always been loving music since an early age.
At 6 years old Kate was already writing her first songs, and performing among family members, dreaming of a big stage. Piano, guitar, violin and saxophone were her dream instruments to play on, but her family couldn’t afford that.
At 14 she went into latino-American dance and had became a vocalist of a chorus.
But at 16 she had started to travel the world due to modeling career.



As Everyone has his Own Story… and Mine is…

I’m opening up and introducing You to my “INNER WORLD”,
Therefore I’ll share with You a “BUBBLE GUM”
And in the end I’m gonna be weird -  talking in Russian and wondering “IS IT WORTH IT? / “STOIT LI?”


Kate Zubok 1500x1500 px.jpg

​At 21 she attended her first music festival « Kazantip - Republic of Happiness » and realized that her favorite place to be is definitely not on a dance floor, but behind the decks. She was so obsessed with electronic music that her nickname among her friends was « Katya-Shazam » as she was recognizing songs before the app does.
And also there, behind the dj decks, Kate had absolutely felt in love with that exceptional feeling of an exchange of the energy with people through the music and so her dj-career had started from now on. A friend gave her a lesson and from the first try she picked that up.

Kate Zubok has shared the decks with top artists like: Agoria, Amê, Bedouin, Black Coffee, Jamie Jones, Solomun and Trentemoller. Her musical talents have brought her to various festivals and edgy venues in Rio, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Brooklyn, Milan, Moscow, Paris, New York, LA...

In 2017 Kate had accomplished SAE institute as an Electronic Music Producer. 3 years later, in 2020 she released her first EP “OWN STORY” on Sapiens label.
“INNER WORLD” was also added into a compilation of “Café del Mar”.

Interview for Modern Madonnas


Interview on France24

Dj-set for Desert Hut

SOLOMUN warm-up @ La Clariere, Paris

AUM - Halloween party @ Pompidou, Paris



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